What you can specify for your guitar

If you decide to order a guitar from me, take the opportunity to tailor it exactly to your needs. You can specify (or ask me about):

  • the width of neck that suits your hand
  • the thickness and back profile of the neck (for example, you may prefer a deep neck and a Martin-style V profile, or a shallower one with an elliptical profile)
  • the string spacing (finger-pickers may like a slightly wider spacings, particularly on 12 strings)
  • the neck joint at the 12th, 14th or 15th fret (I personally like the 15th fret, allowing for easier single note playing up higher than usual on an acoustic, without a cutaway)

The neck is the most important contact point you have with guitar, and aside from the sound it is the single most important factor in whether you love playing the instrument or just put up with it.

You may also want to specify other woods for the soundbox, and I’m happy to talk about that and suggest what is available at the time. I don’t have the facilities to process large timber blanks, so I buy what is available from suppliers.

I’m not much of a believer that there are significant tonal differences between woods in the back and sides of the soundbox – to me far greater differences come from the top thickness, top bracing, soundhole size, and neck construction.

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