Ordering a guitar


I build about four instruments a year. At my quickest I have built two guitars in three months, but neither of them were really ready at the end of that time. I can’t say I enjoyed the process either.

So I’ve found that hurrying a job as demanding as building a high-quality guitar leads to results that don’t satisfy. It does mean, though, that there might be a wait for an instrument if you want to order from me.

The first step in ordering is to contact me. You can let me know exactly what model you want and what particular requirements you have (neck size, pickup, and so on), and I can let you know when I could have it ready for you.

The second step is to pay a deposit (usually $500) so I can order all the materials. Once I have received the deposit I will start building as soon as any prior orders have been filled.

From when I begin to build, my goal will be to deliver the instrument to you within three months.

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