Parlour 12 string


The Parlour 12 is a compact 12-string guitar with a surprisingly big rich sound. It has a 10m radius arched top and carbonfibre reinforced top braces.

The Parlour 12 can be ordered with a 14 or 15 fret neck, and in left or right hand orientation.

Body length: 646mm

Upper bout width: 276mm

Lower bout width: 354mm

Scale length:  24″ (613.6mm with compensation)


David from Adelaide enjoys his Parlour 12. We spent a lot of time deciding on the neck width and string spacing that was right for him. He likes to Carter pick, so the right space between the courses was important.

This is probably the most critical decision when designing a 12 to suit a player’s style and hand size.

He says: “It’s a real pleasure to play this guitar. Michael made it to fit my hands, and it just feels … right. I had a Jumbo 12, which I’ve since sold, and this guitar is as loud, has a better (much better) sound, and it’s a damn sight easier to play. I love it.”

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